Mother Earth: She Doesn’t Have To Keep Us

   This is something I really should get off my chest, at this moment, I really hate Republicans, errr, maybe conservatives is a better term.  Basically anybody who occupies an anti-science and anti-logic position.  It was after reading an article on the myth of “green jobs” that finally put me over the edge.                                     

   Apparently the push for green jobs and green energy has destroyed countries like Spain and Germany, seeing that they were paying more for energy and that these jobs were costing more traditional energy jobs like those who work as a coal factory.  Since when did anybody say going green would be easy?  The “green jobs” program was a way of making the push towards a sustainable future easier to sell, because cold, hard facts can’t seem to do it alone.  This is no surprise though, as capitalism and environmentalism seem to be diametrically opposed to each other.  Capitalism focuses on the exploitation of people and resources, and if capitalism occurs in the natural world, as some political theorists and philosophers have argued, it does not occur on the obscene scale that humans practice, nor should it.

   You hear people complain about wind farms being eyesores, solar energy not being efficient,the fact that it will cost us jobs or money, well guess what, it’s necessary, the science is there, even if it’s to the detriment of human progress as some call.  We live in delicate eco-systems but we pay no mind, we continue to drill for oil and gas, we continue to deforest and log, pollute the air and rivers, and screwing the entire food chain.  The Earth only has to support as long as we let it support is, we can easily get to a point where the Earth cannot sustain us or the things we rely on anymore.  The Earth doesn’t have an obligation to fulfill our ever growing needs.  People seem to forget that we are actual a part of the planet and eco-system, it’s about time we remember and do our part.

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